Talkback and self advocacy help people to build self esteem and confidence

About Us

Talkback and self advocacy help people to build self esteem, confidence and have more say and control over their own lives. It’s all about

Talkback is user led and therefore knows what life looks like when you have a learning disability. People with a learning disability have their own voice.  

Talkback helps people find that voice. 

What we want to achieve

We want to achieve choice, opportunity and respect for all people with a learning disability.

Since 1998 Talkback has been meeting, talking and working with people with learning disabilities. We support people to think about how their life looks, how they would like their life to look and in doing so, find out what’s missing. Some groups of people often get left out. People with high individual support needs, people from different cultural backgrounds, young people and people who don’t use any services are often treated as if their voice is not important. Talkback makes sure that this doesn’t happen.

We meet with hundreds of people with a learning disability on a regular basis through an established and ever growing network. We work in a range of places, going to wherever people with a learning disability are.

Our way of working is pro-active and preventative thereby reducing the number of occasions where life might go “wrong”.

True self advocacy helps people to express a “real” yes and a “real” no.

Our Projects

Talkback also has a number of specific projects that support people with a learning disability in having more control and influence over their own lives.

These include:

Health Project, Travel Training & Keeping Safe, Emotional Literacy, Ethnicity Project, Easy Read, Talkback Approved, Acting Up, Diversity Theatre Forum Group and Transitions into Adulthood. 

Our way of working is recognised as innovative, creative and inspiring. The relationships that Talkback has built with statutory and non statutory agencies are excellent.