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Reading Health Passport Launch

4th March 2014

On Wednesday 19th February, Talkback launched the Reading Health Passport for people with learning disabilities.

Over 120 people came to the event in Greyfriars Church. They were reminded how Health passports began in 2005 and listened to the stories of people who currently use Health Passports, in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. The Reading Pilot group were there too, to share their paper roll stories about their experience of beginning to use Health Passports.


People with learning disabilities and their support workers from different supported living providers and day services were there to support people being given their own Health Passport. We gave out 150 Health Passports which people will now fill in so that they can start to look after their health and hopefully show it to any health professional whenever they need to visit the doctor or go into hospital. This will enable them to receive the right support whenever they need to go for a medical appointment.

Good News........

We have also secured some extra funding which extends this project by a whole year and so it means that we can continue to support people with their Health Passport and even develop it to include further pages which will support people to think about other areas within health such as dentists and screening appointments.

Comments on the day:

More Talkback events!!”

I Like having my own Health Passport”

Its all about me”

Its good to come to these things and speak up”

The event was really well done, lots of people taking part and sharing their stories.”

Really good event”

Can we have another event telling us how its going?”

I liked doing my presentation and using the microphone.”

Lots of interaction and good fun too”