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Talkback 2 welcomes visitors from Belgium!

7th May 2014

Talkback 2 welcomes visitors from Belgium!
Students from a College of Higher Education, AP Hogeschool in Antwerp, Belgium paid Talkback 2 a visit on 30th April.
The third year students from the department of Socio-Educational Care Work are involved in a project setting up a music request program for people with a learning disability at the Pegode Day Centre in Belgium.  
As part of their project they wanted to see how organisations in other countries work so while they were on their field trip to England they spent the day with us at Talkback 2. They were warmly greeted by the group and spent time talking to everyone. They happily joined in all the day’s activities including News, the Tree of Emotions, Relax and Listen and a Drama session. Everyone had a great day and were sorry to see them leave.