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Talkback Arts Week

1st September 2014

As part of Talkbacks Arts Weeks summer 2014 on Wednesday 21 August 2014 the Arts Week group went to an event at the Stanley Spencer gallery in Cookham. The theme this year was 'community' and collaboration with the gallery we had workshops throughout the day in their space.  Ann Danks from the Gallery took the visitors on a walk around Cookham to see the locations Stanley incorporated from his community into his paintings. The young people were then introduced to the paintings in the Gallery for those locations to see how he incorporated residents into those paintings and watched a short video from Chrissy in which local residents described him and his work. They then selected an activity from a range of activities devised by Denise Cottrell which included either completing a sketch based on one of the paintings or making a story about the people in Christ Carrying the Cross, placing themselves and their family and friends in the house and watching what was going on outside in the street. Everyone then had lunch and a discussion in the Parish Centre. The event was a complete success and this was for many of the young people the first time they visited a gallery. Many of the young people commented that this was the highlight of their summer holidays and can’t wait to come back to more Arts weeks with Talkback.