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Talkback receives a donation

16th October 2014

After a visit by Jean and Alison, the Amersham Rotary Club donated £250 to Talkback.

This will help to buy a much needed printer.

Here is what the Rotary Club said:

Jean Rein and Alison Ball gave Amersham Rotarians an enlightening insight into the work of Talkback self-advocacy, a locally based charity set up by Jean in 1998.

Their work involves building self confidence and self esteem among people with a learning disability to enhance their quality of life and to encourage them to be as independent as they can.

Starting out working almost exclusively with adults, the charity now concentrates more on working with younger people.. They also work with school leavers where they operate in partnership with Buckinghamshire based colleges of Further Education to offer young people with a learning disability an individualised programme which is designed to prepare them for greater independence in their future lives.

The charity employs people with a variety of skills and backgrounds including an ex-policeman and ex- schoolteachers who work both on a one to one basis and with groups of youngsters on projects which aim to develop life skills and independence.

The relationships that Talkback has built with various agencies and organisations such as the National Trust are excellent and many youngsters have been able to benefit from working in these environments.

Jean said: “We want to achieve choice, opportunity and respect for all people with a learning disability”.  It was apparent to her audience that the staff has the enthusiasm, passion and dedication to meet this aim.