Arts Days - 19th & 20th February 2015

6th March 2015


The theme for this holiday’s art experience was ‘Animals in the Jungle’. The painting titled ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’ by Rousseau was the starting point for the art work. We began by painting large sheets of paper in as many shades of green as possible – this would later be cut into leaf shapes. A blue sky was painted onto large sheets of cardboard.

On Thursday afternoon we went to the Natural History Museum in Tring to see animals that would be found in a jungle.

The first job on Friday was to cut out lots of leaves from the painted sheets. Templates were used to draw the shapes of birds, giraffes, tigers and snakes onto differently patterned wallpapers before cutting out. Exotic flowers were also cut out to give a jungle atmosphere.

In the afternoon our artists worked in teams of 4 sticking all the cut-outs onto cardboard bases. The aim was to fill the space by overlapping the leaf, flower and animal shapes.

The photographs show just how amazing the final finished pieces are! Everyone worked really hard and had a great time – we hope to see everyone back for the next art experience during the Easter holiday!



 working on pictures