Educational, vocational, and social learning

Talkback Equip operate in partnership with Buckinghamshire based colleges of Further Education offers young people with a learning disability and those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders an individualised programme which is designed to prepare them for greater independence in their future lives.

The central focus is a bespoke learning package that encompasses educational, vocational and social learning opportunities and qualifications and the practical application of essential life skills.

The core aspects of communication and social development are embedded in all aspects of learning.

This personalised learning programme is delivered within the young person’s own community.

In addition to the functional learning skills of literacy and numeracy a range of vocational, practical and therapeutic learning activities, including work experience, are provided which aim to develop life skills and independence.

Some activity takes place within the college environment and many of the activities are undertaken within the community. As learners develop their skills, we offer new activities so that they continue to learn and grow.

Equip, in partnership with the individual, creates clear educational pathways set against individual learning outcomes.

Through personalised programmes, individual learning plans, mentoring and 1:1 support combined with practical social and vocational activities we provide positive learning environments