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Training & Consultation

Talkback developed as a self advocacy organisation for people with a learning disability. All of our work is informed by and with people with a learning disability.

With a skilled and experienced team we are also accomplished trainers and consultants. All trainers undergo extensive in-house training utilising the experience, knowledge and professional expertise of the full Talkback team.  All trainers have a combination of qualifications, knowledge and direct life experience.

We offer a wide range of training and consultancy, much of which is co-led by people with a learning disability and other team members.  Training sessions and workshops are half or full days and training courses can be spread across a number of weeks. Courses can be designed to run across a number of weeks/sessions.

Our style of training is interactive and lively. Tell us what training you need and we will tailor training to your specific requirements.

Some examples of our training packages are;

Contact us to talk more about your training needs and to find out more about individual packages and topics.