self advocacy, participation and involvement groups across the county


Talkback in Buckinghamshire focuses upon supporting and developing self advocacy, participation and involvement groups across the county. These groups empower people, who very often have not been listened to, to raise issues and concerns about their lives, their services or their communities.

These groups are vital in bringing about change for people themselves and for their peers. They are instrumental in developing people’s abilities, their confidence and sense of value.

The groups work in a variety of creative and innovative ways to;

And to access information and understanding with regard to services and community support

Many of the people we work with are living with additional challenges to their learning disability; autism, profound physical and communication needs, mental health conditions. The Talkback team are skilled and experienced in working with all groups of people to support them in enhancing their quality of life.

The groups focus upon issues and situations that are important to them at the time as well as their critical role in the Learning Disability Partnership Board in working with the Board to challenge and to develop services and support and to make positive change that responds to their real needs.

We deliver a range of programmes, all underpinned by supporting people to find and use their own voice and through training and courses achieve greater independence.

We provide solution focussed environments within different settings – Day Services, homes, community, college, schools. We go to wherever people are.

Talkback 2 operates a flexible programme of activity in and around individuals and groups. It supports the development of peer support groups and puts people in complete control.

Teach to Reach trains people to become Trainers, Researchers and Consultants. All of the work is led or co-led by people with a learning disability.

An extension of this work is in supporting, coaching and training people to become Quality Checkers. This involves assessing community business’s for ‘Learning Disability friendliness’ and accessibility called Approved  and we also have Checking Out groups of people who assess Health and Social Care Services. The real goal of this work is to ensure that services and support for people with a learning disability is of the best quality.

Talkback Health  leads on the development and use of Health Passports by individuals, their families and supporters and also Treat Me Not My Knee disability and communication awareness training in hospitals across Bucks.

Talkback Transitions works with young people all around the transition into adult life, transition reviews and person centred planning and reviews. Upon leaving school we support people to understand what they want out of life and help them to achieve their aims whether that is work, learning and social opportunities and in increasing life skills. Innovative Arts weeks Short Breaks are extremely popular during school holidays.

Travel Training on an individual or group basis to support people in getting around independently. The programme of activity includes practical and theory time using creative and innovative ways of learning that helps people to remember and includes learning about being and keeping safe.